Oil, Gas & Petrochemi

Iran as one of major owner of natural resources & high Potential country in the world is the next big thing in global transactions.
Upstream & down Stream Oilfields, gas and petrochemical Projects, infrastructure Investment, procurement & Technology requirement, attractive potential on relative products Create very huge interests on global Transaction on Iranian   core.
Crown Complex  with several offices  in different countries , combines  local  experience with global knowledgebase  constantly striving to achieve inspiring and  solutions that makes  a  genuine  difference to clients , the end –users , and society at large .
The group invests on ranges of huge construction projects as International Turnkey constructor and operator for medium & large scale projects.
Further, crown Iran as recognized trustworthy procurement center & provider of Technology through the region is permanent key partner of main Oilfields, Gas & petrochemicals entities &projects since 1979.
The group commercial activities are always along with premium quality and global famous brands supplying vast wide ranges of requirements in fields of;
Oil & gas progress , Air & gas treatment , Turbo Expanders , Power units , production plants  and equipment , chemicals   plants , Chemicals, Raw materials additives & catalysts , Analytical & measuring instrument and finely Science and new Technologies.