Water & Energy

Water, Wind and Solar Energy, Energy efficiency, the oil and Gas sector, Petrochemicals, waste water management, consultancy services and green solutions.
Iranian first priority is to lead the green growth transition and is aiming at becoming independent of fossil fuels considering vast wide potentials on natural resources and unique geographical advantages. This ambitious goal rests on a solid foundation to take a new path to meet the growing energy needs and, at the same time, to cater for environmental concerns. As a result, green issues such as energy efficiency, renewable energy, waste and resource management, clean air and water have become deeply embedded in the development strategies.
On second step, to cover huge demands of Water and Energy sectors in not developed region or parts w/o feasible capabilities of the country, short term plans and projects are subject to use premium quality and new technologies to assure minimum waste of resources and Energy. Engineering, procurement and transfer of technology in Diesel engine- based or gas engine power plants, combined turbines, steam plant and refineries are significant  parts of our portfolio.
Crown Complex, as permanent  trustworthy node of procurement and technologies in the region  including  Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus and south Africa has grown to become a regional leader in the development of new sustainable technologies and solutions applied all over the region. We are proud to share experiences and solutions achieved from several successful (E, P, EPC, EPC+F) projects in water and Energy sectors though the region.

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