Cosmetics and fashion

considering  Iranian very young population and its top ranking among highest educated countries in the Globe clarify reason of high levels of taking care of health,beauty and style here.
Cosmetics and fashion as very high potential fields of market transactions always observe significant percentages of families incomes.
Researches show, allocated budget and percentages of families incomes for cosmetics and fashion is raising up very rapidly and it turns to a permanent demands of families daily baskets.
Huge levels of demands considering over 40m audience,  attractive varieties and ultimate domains of cosmetics and fashion and moreover non-stop business of beauty lead us to getting involved in these new trends and activities since 2002.
Bringing capital from large scale industrial activities to cosmetics and fashion trades creates unbelievable opportunities and turns the business scope to complete different levels.
Now after very brilliant years of  investment on cosmetics and fashion, playing roles of whole seller as well as franchising several brands we are very optimistic to allocate bigger capital to business of cosmetics and fashion.
Our huge capitals coming from bigger business, physical facilities, numerous world class franchises and saloons beside years of feeding market demands via ranges of most famous brands through our sells network...all are reasons of our happiness and seriousness to develop ranges of activities and brands.
We are very open to invest properly and build kinds of joint venture cooperation with global leaders of cosmetics , fashion and beauty business to be main owner of market shares.

All best are invited!

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