Iran as leader and main core of medical, clinical and healthcare capabilities as well as most dynamic and biggest universities, research and educational complexes in the Region is supporting and providing services to its own 78 million population and the same to neighboring countries and CIS countries.
In figures and quality, Iran has biggest number and highest knowledgeable and experimental levels of professions, universities, clinics and hospitals in ratio with mentioned population and therefore there are very huge demands of investment on infrastructural facilities, procurement of relevant stuffs, material, equipment, settling innovation and upgrading techniques here.
More than 100 pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, 100's medical and healthcare factories are confirming rates of actual demands here.
Crown complex, as investor and recognized procurement center of Ministries and subsidiaries is one of main key player of these categories in the region.
Our investment and activities rest on almost all potential channels as above mentioned.
Financial supports and offering buyers credit from our own resources and moreover through arranged banking system while we are so serious on providing most competitive prices on our premium quality and global brands, enable us to bring happiness and satisfaction to our audiences.
Making big investment and creating JVC's with Ministries and subsidiaries as well as global suppliers and brands enabling us to cover demands and supply requirements of the country through most reasonable  channels and reserve all parties rights and benefits.
We are very open to enter in long term mutual cooperation and investment with global premium brands  and factories in all mentioned fields include infrastructure, pharmaceutical plants, major equipment, healthcare consumer, monitoring, scans, diagnostic instruments,  surgical  implants and medicines and finally solutions and know-how concepts.

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