chemical plant

Statistics show one of three major portion of GDP through M. Eastern Countries belongs to “chemicals”, huge natural , mineral resources  and attractive investments done in ranges of Chemical sectors from mining , oil , gas & petrochemical to food & pharmaceutical all are good reasons of being in highest levels of priority in the regional Transactions.
Years of our dynamic presence and successful background in technology & procurement of large and medium scale projects turned us to permanent procurement center of chemical and relative Industries through the Region.   
Mission of the group’s  technology & procurement center is facilitating procurement process and financial supports to authorities and end- users under shadow of creating long term cooperation with world class brands and premium quality products.
Financial supports for premium products with competitive prices can protect the country from usage of low quality products disadvantages and waste of resources.
Our investment and activities rests on most complete ranges of chemicals, machineries, equipment, instruments and know-how.
Proudly covering demands of over 2000 beneficiaries in Chemistry society of the country "as our permanent members" turned us to be recognized trustworthy procurement center and Technology by ministries, subsidiaries, chemical plants, pharmaceutical plants, R&D, scientists and faculty members.

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