road & construction

Crown complex, as one of main supplier of heavy equipment, Road ,mining, construction machineries is proudly key procurement partner of over 600 medium and large scale projects and authorities.
At the same time, Our investment and JVC's, playing significant roles of grade A international (EPC,EPC+F )contractor of huge construction projects such as Dam, Power plant, Road and Highway,Rail ways, Subway, ferrous and nonferrous mines, cement plants, pipe lines, oilfields upstream and downstream projects  on infrastructural development of the country and region records very attractive performance and success over last 30 years.
This massive achievement  not have been approached unless having enough knowledges and experience on realizing requirements, potentials and weakness of business and taking intellectual solutions and systematic smart supports of clients and brands as well.
Procurement of Heavy Equipment, mining, roads and construction machineries for such these huge projects is synonym to permanent take care and daily challenges which none of them are easy handled issue if you are not prepared well.
On time doing obligations, fulfilling commitment through sales and after market network and more important financial supports of clients are key factors of business here.
We at Crown Complex are intend to maintain our nice relations with our partners and develop range of our activities by coming into new cooperation in procurement of Road, Construction and mining projects under shadow of trustworthy and commitment.

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