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About our Genomics

Crown- Life science division as a subsidiary of Crown Iran group is planned to be unveiled as a private referral Genomic Center of Iran on 6/2021.

Crown- Life science in collaboration with well recognized Genetics Professors is investing to build unique State of the Art Center of Genetic to act as hub of genetic researches and also provide genomic sequencing services and proteomic services in Iran and neighboring countries in Gulf and CRS region.


Over last two decades Our Professors team is supporting academic institutions, pharmaceutical companies, health care providers and other organizations with valuable custom made researches, integrated genomic sequencing and proteomic services and solutions across a broad range of applications spanning:


• Basic research covering human, plant, animal and microbial species

• Clinical research in human health

• Genetic testing and screening

• Drug discovery and development

• Agriculture and Biodiversity preservation and sustainability


We have bring over fifty highly educated professors with almost 20 years of genomics experience helping our audiences achieve their research goals by delivering rapid, high quality results using a broad array of cost-effective, cutting-edge technologies, including our own innovative sequencing technology.


Pharmaceutical drug development to excel with the highest quality genomic sequencing data and proteomic data at rapid turnaround times, with the best possible support, all at industry leading pricing.

Our vision is full coverages of Sequencing of the original Human Genome Projets.is simple – to


Key Sequencing Services


Human Whole Genome Sequencing

RNA Sequencing

Single Cell Sequencing

Plant and Animal Whole Genome Sequencing

Non-invasive Prenatal Testing

We are investing to provide sequencing services on cutting-edge next generation sequencing (NGS) platforms, including proprietary technology platforms offering quality data at unrivalled pricing for a wide variety of sequencing services and clinical applications.


Regionally, we hopefully offer one of the major sequencing capacities and target a wide variety of other NGS platforms to meet all our society’s needs.

Our team know-how, sequencing, capacity, and almost 20 years of genomics experience allow us to offer our customers and partner a trusted, cost efficient and expert service for all outsourced sequencing needs.

Over the years, our team research has contributed to the development of the field of Genomics in significant ways, as evidenced by a wealth of peer-reviewed publications in prestigious scientific journals.


Today, we actively are participating in the fields of Cancer Research, Bio-sustainability and Personalized Medicine through a variety of medical and healthcare service providers and a global network of collaborators.


The Genomic Center is A Referral Pilot for:


Molecular Genetics:

•   Oncology :

•   Non-invasive Prenatal Screening

•   Reproductive Health

•   Newborn Screening

•   Newborn Genetic Screening

•   Metabolic Disease Screening

•   Metabolic Disease Screening Test determines a baby’s risk for 51 different metabolic disorders including metabolic disorders of amino acids, organic academia and fatty acid oxidation deficiencies.

•   We planned to provide larger scales of newborn testing for inherited metabolic disorders based on tandem mass spectrometry coupled to liquid chromatography (LC-MS/MS) and fluorescence analysis. It allows inexpensive and simultaneous detection of 51 different metabolic disorders from one dried blood spot specimen with fast and accurate results.

•   Many metabolic disorders are amenable to effective treatment upon timely diagnosis. Early detection and intervention can lead to favorable clinical outcomes.




Human/ Plant/ Animal/ Microbial

-   Whole Genome Re-Sequencing

-   Immune Repertoire Sequencing

-   Whole exome sequencing

-   Metagenomics Sequencing

Pharma solutions:


-Discovery and Preclinical

-Personalizing treatment and pharmacology

-Translational Oncology



Mass Spec:


-   Metabolomics

-   Proteomics



Our mission is to ease access and shorten long and costly ways for Researchers and Beneficiaries to Genomics data and planning a better and healthier life for our people.






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